Founded by award-winning architect Anthony Hayden in 1958, the Hayden Collective is one of the most respected architectural and interior design firms in the world.


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Infinitium by Alireza Saeedi
Commercial Equipment Award

Compact and maneuverable construction equipment designed to fix metropolitan potholes combining functionality with workers' safety. Read more.


2017 Winners 

Azalea by Samantha Vanveen
Shepp ID Health & Wellness Award

Kitt by Cameron Veenstra
Swave Studios Consumer Product Award 


Primo by Richard Revie
Sport & Play Award
Designforce Market Ready Award

Earthbound by Meagan Louie
Array Social Awareness & Sustainability Award


The Last Mile by Jack Morris
Inertia Innovation Award

Maternal Care by Caroline Smeenk
Cortex Design User Experience Award

nunu by Ana Carpio
Umbra Peoples' Choice Award


2017 Finalists

Veyance by Drake Nolte

VROOM by Shannon Vigmond

Urban Egg Farm by Paolo Aguila


ChiaroScuro by Daniel Puntillo

SpiderJack by Eerick Makk

Alpha by Deena Cincinatus


KODEN by Martin Luu

O by Luke Park

Frego by Ji Yeon Han


Living Water by Victoria Biglands

Number 3 by Alexander Levstein

Wobble by Hannah Goss


Assistive Footwear by Jaden Zhai

Harmony by Robert Rigo

ALTR by Virosh Rangalla


Habi by Leo Saltzman-Weniger


Caio by Muriel Revisa